Tapir Caper 2009

(small wooden tapirs)

An annual  fundraising project to celebrate (with friends and colleagues) World Tapir Day - April 27th)

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Why Tapirs?

I’m sure that Pandas, Koala Bears, Penguins and the like ...... you know, the 'cute' ones, will always have people concerned for their well being. But, if we're serious about sharing the planet and giving dignity and respect to all living creatures, then I think we should be looking out for the 'less cute'. If we can preserve Tapirs for exmple, we'll be going a long way to preserving all creatures. That's not to say Tapirs aren't 'cute' (I happen to find them fascinating) - it's just that they seem to be well below the radar of human concern.

Tapir Caper II 2010

(5” x 4” paintings)

Tapir Caper III 2011

(printed aprons)